People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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Introduction PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an American organization for animal rights. It gives voice against four major issues regarding treatment of animals such as fur farming, using animals for entertainment, factory farming, and animal testing. PETA also fights against eating animals, killing of animals, keeping chained dogs, bullfighting, and cock fighting. Even though the organization intention is good to save the life of the animal, PETA is often considered as unrealistic and extremist. PETA states that creating the institution of breeding, as “pets” are selfish. According to Newkirk who led PETA, the word “friends” should replace the term “pets.” On the contrary, there are people who are not ready to accept the several arguments of the PETA organization, as they are not suitable for the day-to-day human life. Nearly 75 percent of the human prefer to have non-vegetarian food items, have pet animals, and interest in animal entertainments. People against PETA have an argument that the consumption of grain for animals is greater than for humans. PETA can fight against the act of torturing animals, but should not stop animals being used for food as they are also considered as food as animal helpful for human lives. It does not mean that ever one can kill or torture animals unintentionally, but it is to mean that PETA’s campaigns against animals being used for food, for researches, and for entertainment is wrong and they should be liberal in some
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