People of Power and Unethical Behavior

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People of power and unethical behavior Unethical behavior seems to be very common today by people in positions of power and authority today. Over the years we have turned on our televisions or radios, read the cover of a newspaper or magazine only to see a discussion of an individual in a position of power demonstrating some kind of unethical behavior. From the White-Water scandal to a vast amount of sex scandals committed by people of power. Unethical behavior committed by people in positions of power continues to make the headlines all across the world. However there are two powerful individuals that continue to make headlines across America for their…show more content…
Unethical behavior by people that are in the public eye everyday is exposed faster than those that hold high positions in small places too include our everyday workplace. Just recently I witnessed an unethical incident that took place within my company. A young woman, who was previously hired as a janitor who worked for the company for four months applied for a position that she has experience in. The position posted would give her more hours and benefits. She was denied the position. The manager hired her niece’s boyfriend instead. I did not feel that that was fair because company policy states that we are to hire inside first. Although the job was posted inside first, proper procedures were not followed. I know that the young man that was hired did not have previous experience because I had to train him, and he stated that he was a recent high school graduate with this being his first job ever. I knew that this was not right along with the money laundering schemes that were going on so asked to remain anonymous, and did what was ethical by reporting it to security (Brown, 2011).

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