People's Overdependence on Technology

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Introduction The relevance of technology in the modern world cannot be overstated. However, there have been concerns that the world is becoming over-dependent on technology as it seeks to embrace technological advancement and innovation going forward. Indeed, the question many keep asking is; is our reliance on technology going too far? This text concerns itself with people's over-dependence upon technology. People's Over-dependence upon Technology It is important to note from the onset that the benefits of technology are many and varied. Advances in technology have led to the achievement of things we could only dream of less than two decades ago. For instance, technology has made a huge impact on medicine. As Inoue notes, "technological improvements have allowed for significant advances in all aspects of medicine..." (105). Further, thanks to technology, appliances to make life easier and more enjoyable have been developed. However, even though technology continues to play a vital role in our lives, it is feared that the human race is becoming overly dependent on the same going forward. To begin with, communication between persons has become almost virtually dependent upon technology. According to Morris, "a key indicator of the personal isolation Americans feel is our increasing dependence on communications technology"¦." (54). In the author's opinion, this dependence has effectively reduced interpersonal interactions between people. With the world increasingly
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