Peoples Reactions Towards Others In Their Community Emphasizes

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Peoples reactions towards others in their community emphasizes how influential the past has affected their lives both physically and psychologically. In an attempt to regain past experiences and memories to maintain their sanity, the characters in Christina Garcia’s Dreaming in Cuban slowly begin to deteriorate into a society that remains stagnant in economic development. The disjointed family of Celia and Jorge Del Pino attempt to live life through their own fantasies to either escape or embrace the overpowering effects of the Cuban revolution. These fantasies coerce the minds of each character into a period of exile, but despite this ambiguous harm inflicted upon themselves, their persistence to attain their idea of success blinds them…show more content…
Isabel Alvarez-Borland explains how Celia “experiences a loss of the voice which can be understood in terms of gender as well as political history” (47). While she does temporarily become mute to society with her husband present, she later attempts to move herself forward in the revolutionary progress after the death of her husband. As she begins to integrate herself further into Cuba as the overseer of Havana, she develops an independence and courage to revolt with El Lider. This act of justice is significant because of the fact that it is done all for her initial attraction, Gustavo. The pearl earrings presented to her by Gustavo had “the symbol of patriotism and purity” (Dreaming in Cuban, 36). Not only did they empower her to become a revolutionary, but she was determined to fulfill Gustavo’s perspective that “Cuba, too, would one day be free of bloodsuckers” (Dreaming in Cuban, 36). Eventually, her restless attempt to become something for Gustavo catches up to her until she has no choice but attempt to pass on her life to others who can maintain the succession of her past. Unfortunately, she has a very small amount of people standing behind her choices and turn to their own desires.
One thing that Celia and her granddaughter Lourdes Puente have in common is their desperate desire for patriotism. Although they have
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