Peplau Nursing Theory In Nursing

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The study which has been outlined earlier, if conducted can either support or refute if nurses will need increased education and training on Electronic Health Records formerly known as EHR’s. If this study is conducted, nurses will know whether or not the education and training they are receiving traditionally on EHR’s is sufficient for gaining interpersonal relationships with their patients. Interpersonal relationships include patient rapport, effective nursing interventions, and patient safety. Nurses will know whether or not time is being sufficiently spent with the patient or if it is being occupied with EHR input because of lack of education, understanding and training.
Nursing Theory Peplau’s theory on interpersonal relationships defines four phases on how to gain a quality nurse-patient relationship. These four phases include orientation, identification, exploitation, and resolution (Peplau, 1952). If this study is conducted and shows a need for an increase in education and training in electronic charting to fulfill adequate care for patients, Peplau’s nursing theory will reiterate the importance of gaining an interpersonal relationship with patients. Peplau’s theory will change by implementing the first phase, orientation in EHR use. The orientation phase is coming to know your patient and being their major information source. The role of being a major information source will be done personally by the nurse giving proper time to gain a relationship . The
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