Pepper Monologue

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“Pepper? Who are you talking to?
“My new friend, Raven” My daughter is at that age where imaginary friends take play in her life. They are the only friends she’ll ever have. Soon or later she’ll grow out of it. “Pep! come downstairs, time for school!” I say. There was no response. There was a creak behind me, so I slowly turn around and it turns out that it was only my daughter. “I’m right here mommy.” She then chuckles out of nowhere. “What’s so funny?” I ask her, getting suspicious.
“ Raven said that you snore while you sleep.” That freaked me out a little bit but it was only her imagination. “Well tell Raven she needs to stay out of my room.” I say jokingly. “Come on, let's go.”
I found it weird that Pepper left the seat belt buckled
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“Am I dreaming?” I ask myself. I walked back to my room petrified to go anywhere else. Confused as all could be I go back to sleep.
Pepper knocks on the door saying she had this dream that she was taken by this girl, and the girl put her in a cell with a hole. And she tried her hardest to escape and she could not get free. It’s the best idea to go get professional help, but people like them won’t believe a lady that’s complaining about how her daughter has an imaginary friend who is trying to kill
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I was just tucking Pepper in bed and I walk into the hallway and see two chairs. One is labeled ‘you’ and the other is labeled me. Then some force was pushing me towards the chair that said you. I can barely turn around and see who it was. I was then strapped into the chair, and the feeling of not breathing overcame me. I see Pepper walk fearfully out of her room and I tell her call the police. She says, “I will not call the police. But what I will do is ask Raven to finish her job.” Her eyes were dark, pitch black. I knew that it wasn’t her. Raven soon picks up Pepper and takes her into her room and slams the door shut. I managed to tip over and make my way to her room. The door is stuck and will not budge. I turn around and I run backwards towards the door to open it. And when I did I could not believe my
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