Pepper Spray Protected Me

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Pepper spray is a quick and easy object to use in case of any emergency. When the school quarter began my dorm here at LA wasn’t ready yet, so I had to take the metro link back and forth. Since I lived in Corona there is no direct train that brings me on campus, so I had to wait for a second train at the LA Union Station. Being that I was on my own and it was 6am in the morning, I wasn’t feeling to comfortable about the people around me. My boy friend decided to buy me the pepper spray to use in my defense in case something was to happen to me. Pepper spray is really simple to use and easy to carry around. It has a little switch at the top you move over, press down on the button and your all set. As dumb as it may sound you really do not know what will happen to you when your in public, so having something like pepper spray to carry around is a good idea in my opinion. When it comes to your life there is no price you can put on it. Being a weak young lady, I have to admit I feel pretty defense less and I know that I would have no idea how to protect myself. When I was younger and walking home from school a man in his car followed me. He slowly pulled up to the curb and I can feel the car getting closer and closer. I began streaming as loud as I could and he instantly drove off. You could image the fear that this has brought upon my life. Ever since then I’ve had the fear of being abducted. You can never really be too safe and nowadays you really cannot trust the people
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