Peppercorn Dining Essay

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May 30, 2012
Case Analysis: Peppercorn Dining 1.
The consultants’ data collection involves gathering information on specific organizational features, based on personal interviews and observations. They also examined the organizational mission statements, records, rules, regulations and policies in order to gain information about the unit’s structure. Since Erica was a former student manager at the dining unit couple of years ago, she took over the interviews with the employees because it was easier for them to speak with a familiar face than a complete stranger. But here the question arises of whether or not she is going to be objective or bias. While she thought that her familiarity with the people and program would potentially
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The responses will be put into respective categories that either call for change in that area or promote happiness and efficiency. A force-field analysis could potentially be useful in this situation if used in the right way. If we can figure out the reasons by which employees want change in their job and then the forces working against that change, we would be able to get at least of somewhat of an idea of how the change could occur to eventually attain a higher level of performance. This method would most likely not be used in this case, but there is potential for it to be effective.
First of all the OD consultants have to ask themselves what is the point of giving Drew any feedback whatsoever when he is leaving the unit within five months. The feedback session should still be designed in terms of importance. The design should contain specificity, timeliness, and manner. The OD consultants should start with identifying the biggest problems within the organization. The structure of the organization contributed to the problems that Drew perceived with productivity and morale. The biggest problem is that there is something wrong with the structure. There are no metrics involved so you cannot evaluate the employees’ performance. Once metrics and specific criteria by which we will give feedback are established, creating a centralized and

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