Peppercorn Dinning Casestudy

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From studying the whole case, looks like issues are primarily concentrated on group level.
INPUT: Organization design is clearly the major input to group design. It consists of the design components characterizing the larger organization within which the group is embedded.
Below is the mission statement and All-American dining organization’s goals and polices, which are the fundamentals of peppercorn dining.

Though All American Dining encourage participatory decentralized management style, it seem like organization is highly centralized. However worker at unit level are interested in making their own decision. It also looks like there seems to be a lack of communication between
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It seem like management is reluctant to invest money in kitchen staff by encouraging their talent of cooking and talent to make innovative dishes. Management is also not putting an effort in improving qualities of peppercorn and in trying new things. They are also reluctant to get feedback from their potential customers (students) about new items in menu. Overall it looks like organization is resistant to try new innovative ideas and reluctant for any changes in current process. There is also issue with not having enough equipment. Many employees are not satisfying with their pay and the amount of works they are doing or the amount of skill-set they have compare to other person. According to policies menu and staffing changes had to be approved by central office which is conflicting with their own policies about decentralized management style and also it is having conflict with Professional manager and Professional supervisor’s way of operating peppercorn. Also organization is not paying attention over the issue of not having enough staff; Peppercorn doesn’t have shop steward for a while. There is not enough opportunity for personal growth for employees. Skilled and unskilled workers are on the same pay scale which is another issue.
Design Structure of Peppercorn is something like this which is creating some level of conflicts and problems between different groups and

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