Pepsi Brand Equity Measurement

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1|Page Pepsi Brand Tracker (Project2 Part2 Brand Equity Measurement) PRAXIS BUSINESS SCHOOl A report Submitted to Prof. Srinivas Govindrajan In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course Product and Brand Management On 03/08/09 BY Apoorva Jain Gunjan Dugar Hardik Mishra Manoj Mani Iyer PEPSI BRAND EQUITY PRAXIS BUSINESS SCHOOL 2|Page Executive Summary The objective of this project was to find out the brand equity of Pepsi . The parameters which enabled us to arrive at the brand equity were Brand Knowledge, Brand Vitality, Brand Association, Brand Leveragability and Buying Behaviour. For this purpose we did a survey where we interviewed thirty respondents on the basis of our questionnaire. The questionnaire…show more content…
PEPSI BRAND EQUITY PRAXIS BUSINESS SCHOOL 5|Page 2 Brand Equity Measurement Model In this model we tried to basically cover all the factors which influences the buying decision of the consumer which in turn constituted the brand equity. Parameters taken  Brand Knowledge  Brand Vitality  Brand Association  Brand Leveragability  Buying Behaviour We would be ranking the brands based on the scores achieved and then will be giving scores based on the rank achieved and the cumulative score of the brand would be the equity of the brand. Brand Knowledge : Will be analysing percentage of respondents aware of the brand and giving scores based on the rank the brand has got among the brands the customer is aware of. Brand Vitality : In this we would be analysing the attribute that the customer perceives to be there in the product and buys it then would move on to the brands which has got that most important attribute as per the customer perception. Brand Association: In this we would be analysing what and how much are the intangible factors that a particular brand has compared to the other brands the customer is aware of which pulls the customer towards it. Brand Leveragability : We would be analysing the potential of the brand to extend to related, or even unrelated, product categories. Buying Behaviour : We would basically be judging the customer loyalty towards a particular brand by having availability as

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