Pepsi Col Communication Strategy

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Pepsi SWOTT Analysis
Nikki Washington
MBA6011- Strategic Marking
South University
DR. Nkwocha

Pepsi Cola: Communication Strategy Introduction PepsiCo is the second most popular beverage company in the world, according to PepsiCo (2008). This company has an outstanding marketing brand name. PepsiCo sponsors numerous sporting events and has a wide variety of consumers. This product is in competition with the first popular beverage company Coke-Cola. This company evaluates every year on a strategic plan by using SWOTT analysis to manage their products to learn the internal and external factors of the marketing business. Mission Statement Our mission for PepsiCo Corporation is to furnish consumers with reasonably price foods and beverages. We will believe in providing healthy and enjoyable products. We will focus on the environment and expenses of energy and water. Managing the use of relationship is to satisfy the consumers. PepsiCo will be committed to delivering satisfying products to communities, small businesses and food industries. PepsiCo will focus on the growth of products and manage its short and long term goals. The biggest impact on the company is management as well as reducing the use of packaging material. We will make sure that PepsiCo is prepared to assure the needs of consumers with successful products.
SWOT Analysis
PepsiCo has a large-scale of products of food and beverages. This company has over 300,000 employees

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