Pepsi-Lipton Brisk Case Study

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1. Should Brisk be advertised on primetime TV or with viral ads in the months following the Super Bowl ad? What are the benefits of each media? What are the costs? Viral ads Benefits: It could reach a larger and more targeted audience; It could save money for costing little more than the cost of production; It could offer the potential for higher levels of consumer engagement with the brand, for the viral ads' interactivity and source from acquaintances. Costs: The viral success was the exception; It was difficult to predict which video would be widely viewed and shared. TV: Benefits: 1. As the major mass media, TV could deliver a larger number of ad impressions and its economics was well-understood. 2. The…show more content…
3. Which of the four ad concepts should Mary Barnard and Marisol Tamaro choose? What elements matter? I think Brisk should adopt the proposal 1: the rebirth of “That’s Brisk, Baby”. 1. Many millennial males were familiar with the brisk ads from the 1990s. 2. Young males responded to three main features: entertainment; humor and interactivity or social media involvement. Elements: 1. The same slogan; 2. the Claymation puppet version of popular celebrities and fictional characters experiencing some sort of identity crisis; 3. Drinking Brisk could help revive their creative mojo; 4. The cool and funny plot. 4. What does Mekanism mean by engagement? How do they attempt to increase engagement with the brand using viral ads? The engagement means: 1. The viewers were more likely to watch and form favorable opinions of videos of brands that came from acquaintances 2. The viral ads offer more possibilities for interaction. The approach to increase engagement: 1. Content creation By creating the right story for a particular target group, the M team believed a brand could connect with the consumer and this would lead to positive emotional associations with the brand and a desire to share the stories. 2. Content syndication Syndication was the process of seeding a campaign’s content to a variety of blogs and other sites that could then post it for

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