Pepsi Loot And Internal Integration

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“Eat Drink Loot” is the slogan for the Pepsi Loot app for the iPhone, a location based service (LBS). It allows consumers to find nearby restaurants that serve Pepsi products, including Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Arby’s, and Panda Express. Customers demanding Pepsi can earn loyalty “loot” points used to obtain downloadable songs from Pepsi loot website ( It gives participating restaurants the opportunity to provide exclusive Pepsi Loot offers to the customers, such as free drink with the first purchase. This kind of initiatives by the companies helps to connect better with the customers.
i. Meaning of Integrated Marketing and Communication (IMC)
Integrated Marketing Communications is a simple concept. It ensures that all forms …show more content…

While different departments such as sales, direct mail and advertising can help each other through Data Integration. This requires a marketing information system which collects and shares relevant data across different departments.
Vertical Integration means marketing and communications objectives must support the higher level corporate objectives and corporate missions.
Meanwhile Internal Integration requires internal marketing – keeping all staff informed and motivated about any new developments from new advertisements, to new corporate identities, new service standards, new strategic partners and so on.
External Integration, on the other hand, requires external partners such as advertising and Public Relation agencies to work closely together to deliver a single seamless solution – a cohesive message – an integrated …show more content…

The goal of Integrated Marketing and Communication is ultimately to influence or directly affect the behaviour of the targeted audience. Integrated Marketing and Communication considers all touch points, or sources of contact, that a customer/prospect has with the brand as potential delivery channels for messages and makes use of all communication methods that are relevant to customers/prospects. Integrated Marketing and Communication process further necessitates that the customer/prospect is the starting point for determining the types of messages and media that will serve best to inform, persuade, and induce

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