Pepsi Marketing Plan.

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UNIVERSITY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES Term Paper Based on “Marketing Plan Company Name: PEPSI Date of Submission: 7th December 2010. Submitted By: Group-Luminous. Name I.D. Farhana Akhter 0941 Al-Batul-Sabera 08530160 Sharmila Rani Dus 0941 Mahmuda 0941 Md.Hanif Miah 0941 H.M.Enayet Karim 08510140 Submitted To: Ms. Rahma Akhter. Lecturer of U.I.T.S School of Business. Term Paper ON Marketing Plan "Every Pepsi Refreshes the World" 7th December 2010. Ms. Rahma Akther. Senior lecturer University of Information Technology and Sciences. Subject: Requesting for…show more content…
We hope that this Term Paper will merit your approval. Respectfully yours, H.M.Enayet Karim. Md.Hanif Miah. Al-Batul-Sabera. Farhana Akhter. Sharmila Rani Dus. Mahmuda Islam. Chapter: 01 Introduction: Pepsi is the recognized soft drinks have enjoyed substantial and sustained expansion since its inception in 1893. It has passed through various predictable stages of small business conferring to treat patients then turns into global growth. The key point of posting nearly thousand billion dollars in annual sales, up significantly from its first year when sales were projected employees rather than 4000000 thousand of employees around the world. The company has achieved this level of growth despite pursuing marketing strategies which have been applied somewhat sporadically owing to startup and operational pressures. Many ideas abound within the organization as to what should be done, by whom and by when but typical of many small businesses, little is done in an integrated, planned, or sustained fashion as survival is the primal objective. Also hampering the introduction of a committed drive for marketing and sales activities has available of resources and time on the part of the owners. The result is a fragmented and piece meal approach to marketing the Pepsi’s product and services have sustainability to earn shows higher
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