Pepsi Mission Statement

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PepsiCo is an American-based multinational corporation incorporated in 1965 in New York. It has marked its dominance in the manufacturing, advertising, and circulation of fibre-based nibble foods, beverages, and other commodities. PepsiCo was founded in 1965 in collaboration with Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-lay, Inc. At first; this aerated drink was launched into the market with the brand name Brad’s drink in the year 1893.By the year 2009 Pepsi has become the most solid product of the company. The financial data of 2016 reveals that the company holds assets worth 74.129 US dollars. PepsiCo also actively participates in many charitable events; to list a few: grants to United Way and Young Men’s Christian Association. Pepsi has become a family…show more content…
As it is familiar to us, Pepsi is one amongst the most predominantly popular aerated soft drink produced in North America and is circulated globally. The name of this drink was consequently altered to Pepsi Cola in 1898 after the root of the word "dyspepsia" and the kola nuts used in the recipe. Due to its ever-increasing and rising fame and from the income it accrued, the company decided to manufacture it on a larger scale and pushed the drink from his medical store to his recently bought depot where only Pepsi was exclusively manufactured. This paper is about the numerous challenges faced by PepsiCo Pvt in India (writers, n.d.)
The unbalanced political situations in India, their tendency to avoid foreign products, fluctuations in prices, cultural activities, health concerns, and threats of substitutes resulted in causing a reported loss of Rs.538 millions in the financial year 2015-16. Two south Indian states had banned the production and distribution of PepsiCo products. Some of the reasons for this catastrophic action were environmental and health issues. products had
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It was a very controversial initiative to redirect Pepsi’s considerable corporate spend away from junk foods into their healthier alternatives, to this end she reclassified Pepsi’s wide-ranging products into three categories: ‘Fun for you’ (such as potato chips and regular soda), ‘better for you’ (diet or low-fat versions of snacks and fizzy drinks), and ‘good for you’ (for example, the recently acquired Quacker Oats Oatmeal). She has also set Pepsi on a drive to reduce the salts, sugar and fat contents in its core products. Today the company has a diversified portfolio of products. It still sells sugary drinks and potato chips, but it also has Tropicana, naked juice and izze supporting the healthier end of its range (World finance,
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