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As far as marketers are concerned, there are few American companies with marketing campaigns that rival those of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The longevity and prosperity of these two competitors is enough to inspire countless business’ to model their own companies after these icons. This paper will detail some of the business aspects that have helped Coke and Pepsi to thrive, as well as considering what mistakes have been made in their pursuit of success. Learning from the successes and failures of other companies can help a new business to know which roads of marketing, expansion, etc. to explore and which might best be avoided. One might first consider Coca-Cola, a company which has been trademarked since 1886. While the business has gone through many changes over the years, the Coca-Cola name has remained and is now recognizable around the world. Coca-Cola is not only the name of the company, which makes a variety of products including the soda that is its namesake. When it comes to targeting the current consumer, Coca-Cola finds that their product is most popular among the older crowd (marketing considers as “older” anyone over age 35). (Turner). Some of the most valuable brands in that particular demographic are Coca-Cola, Microsoft, GE, IBM, Starbucks and Apple (Turner). Part of the reason for Coke’s longevity is due to the company becoming, over the years, an icon of American History. Most members of the over-35 demographic possess fond memories of drinking

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