Pepsi Of Coca Cola Company Essay

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A great question arose in the 80’s as a constant innovation and aggressive behavior arose towards brand building. Pepsi, a brand that suffered two bankruptcies, pushed forwards towards their growth as the company by expanding their portfolio as a Food and Beverage Company. As it became a food and beverage company, Pepsi was able to become the Coca-Cola’s main competitor. Each company constantly competed and tried to outdo each other with their campaigns. While both brands competed with each other, Pepsi began to target Coca-Cola’s commercials causing Coca-Cola to respond with the same aggressive behavior creating the beginning of the Cola Wars. The Cola-Wars brought forth a great question that made one wonder if either Coke was better than Pepsi or if Pepsi was better than Coke? Based off the Cola Wars, the best soft drink producer is the Coca-Cola Company.
The Coca- Cola Company contains more value than Pepsi. According to an article in, “Coca-Cola has retained the No. 3 spot on Interbrand 's annual Best Global Brands ranking for the fourth consecutive year, with an estimated value of $73.1 billion,” proving that the brand coke falls under the list of the most valuable brands which is worth up to $73.1 billion dollars unlike, Pepsi that is only worth 19.4 billion dollars. The Coca-Cola Company does not only own the coca-cola brand, but has also recently purchased many other brands in order to improve the revenue growth of the company. It owns 16.7 % of the
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