Pepsi Of Coca Cola Company Essay

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Overview of the Company The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most popular beverage company in the world. The company’s products can be found in nearly every country around the globe and the Coca-Cola trademark has become one of the most recognizable brands on the planet (Hassan, Amos, & Abubakar, 2014). Coca-Cola offers a wide variety of beverages, including carbonated sodas, waters, juices, and energy sports drinks, along with their most popular selling item, Diet Coke. Coca-Cola has been selling their product since 1886 and has successfully grown into a major competitor that no rival has been able to completely match on profits or popularity. The Coca-Cola Company began making its products in the 19th century and it originally began as a healthy energy drink. John Stith Pemberton, creator of the original Coca-Cola formula, was a pharmacist from Georgia who discovered a way to make a syrup that could be mixed with carbonated water to create a satisfying sweet treat that became an overnight success (Hassan, Amos, & Abubakar, 2014). The popularity of the Coca-Cola Company has grown by unprecedented proportions since its inception, and this popularity does not seem to be declining, despite the many issues the company has faced over the years. External Environment The political factors of the external environment have caused the Coca-Cola Company to rethink how they handle their international trade. Government regulatory changes affect the costs of shipping and
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