Pepsi Of Pepsi And Pepsi

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Pepsi is one of the world 's most iconic and recognised brands globally. Always innovating and adapting its strategy to compete with Coca-Cola, they offer a young image to the public by reworking their design to meet with the current consumer needs. Whether it 's through celebrity endorsements or design trends, Pepsi have always aimed to create a relationship with the consumer through humour. To quote their selling point, 'Now is what you make it. ' Today the brand includes three products- Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max, with the latter being the biggest selling in the UK. Although Pepsi have tried to take different approaches to differentiate themselves from their biggest competitor Coca-Cola, their first beginnings are very familiar.…show more content…
It is assumed by many that Pepsi followed Coca-Cola in terms of timeline, which is true, however there was no way of Bradham knowing that a very similar drink already existed by then, as Coca-Cola was only sold within Atlanta by that point. Not long after naming was the first logo created, which gathered fame with the growing success of the ground-breaking drink. It was built upon a script typeface, featuring decorative swirls and ornate strokes. [[INITIAL PEPSI LOGO]] Looking back, it is very easy to compare the similarities of the two soft drink logos, however script typography was very popular during that time, and is evident in other large companies such as IBM (known then as Computing Scale Company) and General Electric. [[LOGOS FEATURED]] The instant popularity of this new drink encouraged Bradham to expand Pepsi-Cola into a fully-fledged company. Four years later in 1902, Bradham applied for a trademark with the U.S. Patent Office, forming the first Pepsi-Cola Company. In 1906 Pepsi-Cola took a logo change, the third in eight years. Though not dramatic, these changes demonstrate the struggle that the company had with finding a logo that differentiated themselves from other leading brands. [[LOGO TIMELINE]] Instead of exploring more risky ways of visualizing the brand – as this was an uncommon approach at the time – they decided to focus on their unique selling point
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