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Pepsi is one of the most popular beverage companies due to its cold, tasty, and refreshing soda that it provides to the consumer. Since Coke has had much success over the past few years with its “Share a Coke” campaign” it made Pepsi decide to give the soda competitor a run for its money with its own unique campaign. For this assignment, I am assessing Pepsi’s original soda beverage for its recent emoji campaign with its slogan “Say it with Pepsi.” Pepsi’s intended audience for their emoji campaign is smartphone users who utilize emoji’s regularly upon sending text messages. This “Say it with Pepsi” campaign is a current campaign that is running through the summer. The summer is usually the time of the year, consumers drink the most…show more content…
Basically, emoji faces are the words of the campaign, but the problem is people who aren’t familiar with many emoji faces might be confused on what certain expressions mean. On the other hand, the people who use emoji’s regularly via text message will automatically know what each face means. According to Belch (2012), “channel/presentation: which media will increase presentation? But the important point is how well they reach the marketer’s target audience.” (p. 180) I say Social media is the most effective form of media for Pepsi to increase their presentation for their campaign. The reason why is because the majority of this world uses social media to communicate with each other so by Pepsi using social media it will encourage the consumer to check out their new campaign that they offer this summer. I would also say commercials are also another way for Pepsi to increase their presentation of their current campaign. According to Belch (2012), “message/yielding: what type of message will create favorable attitudes or feelings? Marketers generally try to create agreeable messages that lead to positive feelings toward the product or service.” (p. 180) Since the message in this Pepsi campaign strictly utilizes different emoji’s on their bottles and cans the consumer will buy the bottle or can with the emoji expression that they use or feel like most. According to Belch (2012), “source/attention: Who will
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