Pepsi Refresh Project : A Thirst For Change

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Pepsi Refresh Project: A Thirst for Change Introduction: Since the dawn of the Internet and the explosion of the social media networking, firms and marketing executives realize that fundamental changes have been taking place in our culture and technology when render traditional modes of marketing communication either outdated or no longer effective. The proliferation of social networking media, fueled by ever expanding Internet has been upending how consumers engage with their brands. Firms that have succeeded in this environment are those that exploit the many opportunities presented by the new media while keeping an unwavering eye on their brand promise. In 2010, Pepsi embarked on a pioneering marketing experiment in social media, abandoning its long-standing affiliation to traditional advertising media-primetime television. Pepsi, in my opinion, met both success in some quarters and failure in some quarters at the same time, learning important lessons in how to leverage this powerful media in the long run. Identification of key issues: Historically, marketing strategies have been unidirectional—from firms to consumers—with firms pouring enormous amount of resources into building brand awareness, culminating in consumers purchasing their products. These traditional models of advertising did not create an engagement with consumers. Boosting sales and increasing profits were at the core of such marketing initiatives. The Internet has changed all this. Consumers are no longer

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