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Candidate no: 045751 ‘NEW YORK ( -- Pepsi 's Refresh Project, a first-of-its-kind experiment in social media’ "You 're not going to fix this with a new logo or can or graphics, or ad campaign," he said. "This requires a major, comprehensive approach to the category and a refocusing to optimally capture the value of the brand at every beverage occasion, rather than have the discourse be ... how much volume can we pump out into the marketplace," said Mr. Laboy, PepsiCo Executive interview ( The social orientation campaign launched by PepsiCo in USA using the technique of crowdsourcing marked as a highly…show more content…
In total the Pepsi Refresh page has seen increase in social media following cannot be solely attributed to the Pepsi Refresh Project as they were done on the main social media sites for PepsiCo, but the integration of social media in the project can be linked to an increase of the popularity of the brand and its initiation but not the brand in itself. Any Initiative or a campaign launched by an organisation is implemented solely with the intention of increasing brand value and generating higher revenue through increased sales. The use of S-marketing (Social Marketing) can be new state of art marketing concept given the considerations of usage of E-commerce marketing through digital as well as E-Marketing tools with attractive advertisements with usage of highly influential Celebrities i.e. In case of PepsiCo endorsements by Michael Jackson, Jeff Gordon, Nicki Minaj, Ray Charles, Madonna, Ludacris, Mariah Carey, Shakira and who not! Effects of PRP on PepsiCo on the Market Positioning: 2009 2011 Figure 1.2: Market share of Top 3 Aerated Drinks in the USA. The above comparative diagrams are the representation of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ the launch of Pepsi Refresh Project and its direct impact in the sales resulting on Pepsi loosing out from No.2 position in 2009 to a drastic 6% downfall in sales resulting to No.3 position in 2011 preceded by Diet Coke in No.2 position in in attracting consumers opening a new

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