Pepsi and Its Competitors

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PepsiCo - World Leader In Convenient Foods & Beverages Industry

• Revenues – About $43 billion and over 198,000 Employees across the globe • PepsiCo was founded in 1965 through the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay • PepsiCo brands are available in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe • PepsiCo has more than 500 products in it’s portfolio of which 18 brands generate $1 Billion each in retail sales

A broad spectrum of beverages worldwide bringing fun and refreshment to consumers

Frito-Lay invigorates PepsiCo's portfolio of products with plenty of good food and 'good fun'

Tropicana, the strongest name in juices; the best of fruit

Quaker expands our portfolio with a wide range of healthy food choices
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The Social Media Landscape Today Is A Powerful Enabler Of The Changing Conversation

Types of Social Media
• Blogs ( web-logs)
• Emerged in the Mid 90s; Simple online diaries - by individuals, corporates

• Micro blogs
• Twitter fastest growing social media brand • Instant messaging, news/image sharing, job board • Continues to evolve as a real-time communication tool

• Social Networks
• Connections • Music, sports, politics, sex, hobbies • Sub-category includes customizable social networks – eg Ning, KickApps

• •

Video/Image sharing sites
• Upload and share; The blurring of ‘public’ vs ‘private’

Social Media Aggregators
• ‘FriendFeed’, ‘socialthing’ • Centralize users’ various profiles; manage multiple conversations from one location

Social News Aggregators • Submit links to content on other websites • Ranked by discussion it evokes

• Social Bookmarking sites – Folksonomies
• Bookmark and share useful web pages • Wikis • Creation and editing of interlinked web pages – collaborative websites • 100% UGC – By the readers

Media Consumption Is Evolving From LeanBack, Captive to Lean-Forward, Engaged

out & about

OOH, Malls, Book / Music Stores, Theme Parks


Events, Gym, Disc/Pubs, Clubs

lean forward

Newspaper, Magazines

RSS – Feed, Internet

Blog, Gaming, Contests, Social Networking

lean back

TV, Radio

Cinema, Movies on Demand, DVR

IPTV, Interactive Games



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