Pepsi in Burma

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Pepsi in Burma Question 1 Identify the moral issues that are raised by Pepsi’s presence in Burma. A moral issue can be defined as any issue concerning how one ought to behave, how others ought to behave, or whether a situation is proper or improper. Morality is judged based on what is right or wrong. Pepsi’s presence in Burma raised several ethical and moral concerns due government operations under the military regime. In the 1990’s Burma was undergoing social, economic and political crisis under the military rule of the State Law & Order Restoration Council (SLORC). During this time the state economy became open and provided opportunities that Pepsi, among other companies, could exploit. These opportunities involved low labour…show more content…
These are moral rights that every individual should be afforded and if there is such a country, institution or otherwise that does not allow this, it is suggested that, in the case of Burma, no company should invest in such a country. Question 3 Business decisions are about what is profitable; the business organization’s decision to invest should not be guided by the social climate in the country. Discuss According to the Business Dictionary, profitability is defined as the state or condition of yielding a financial profit or gain and it is agreed upon that every company’s goal is to be earning consistently. Being of the view that profitability of the business comes first supports the view of Friedman that states that, “the social responsibility of a business is to increase its profits.” However, if a business focuses on the economical aspect of its operations it may over look other important aspects such as ethics and law and should therefore take into consideration the social climate in which it will be conducting business. Therefore, the theory put forth by the theorist Freeman should be considered. It highlights that any individual or group that can impact or be impacted by the actions of the firm should be considered in its operations. In order for the business to be fully socially responsible it must take into

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