Pepsi 's Marketing Plan For Pepsi

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Pepsi recently announced that they are releasing a new soda brand to be named 1893. Although no other official information has been released besides the name, it is said to be a “premium” soda to complement the company. The name “1983” was chosen because that is the year one of the main creators of Pepsi was born, Caleb Bradham. He created a beverage “Brad’s Drink” that would eventually change its name to Pepsi. Last year Pepsi came out with “Caleb’s Soda” which is marketed as a more premium soda, so sources are assuming this one will follow suit. Both sodas are named after Caleb Bradham, who created the original drink as a more healthy soda to aid digestion without the narcotics or caffeine (before the company would add it later on). This new product is being launched as Pepsi consumption sales are declining. The company also announced it would be releasing a “Stubborn Soda” line that will be offered to buy at select places. Critique: The product seems to be an innovative idea. The price will likely be more pricy then usual soda products because the company is looking towards a premium branding for 1893. Luckily with Pepsi being a well-known, established brand, they should not have a big difficulty with placement through long established relationships and connections. Promotion would be the most detrimental strategy that Pepsi could use to launch this new soda and soda line. With declining sales it is critical that these new products do well. Doing a little research, it

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