PepsiCo: Annual Report Analysis

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Running Head: PEPSICO ANNUAL REPORT ANALYSIS PepsiCo Annual Report Analysis BUS 401 Assignment 14 April 2014 Company Overview Pepsi Beverages Company (PBC) is a global beverage company popularly known as PepsiCo. The company operates in several countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. Founded in 1898, the company operates with diverse portfolios, which include some of the world's widely recognized brands such as Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Lipton, Muscle Milk and ROCKSTAR. Objective of this paper is to carry out the analysis of PepsiCo annual report. The paper uses 2012 and 2011 financial data for the analysis. Analysis of PepsiCo Annual Report Answer to Question 1. The amount of PepsiCo property and equipment on the company balance sheet for the 2012 and 2011 are $19.1 Billion and $19.69 Billion respectively. The amount of the depreciation expenses are $2.48 Billion in 2012 and $2.47 Billion in 2011. Amount of cash flow relating to depreciation was $2.68 billion in 2012 and $2.73 Billion in 2011. Table 1 presents the overall answers to question 1. Table 1 PepsiCo ($Million) 2012 2012 Property, Plant and Equipment (Net) $19,136 $19,698 Depreciation Expenses $ 2,489 $ 2,476 Goodwill 16,971 16,800 "Amounts on the cash flow relating gains and sales of property and equipment". 95 84 "Amount of cash flow relating to Depreciation" 2,689 2,737 "Amounts permitted for inclusion in the
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