PepsiCo SWOT Essay

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Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 1B, Step 4, on textbook page 36.

Ten major strengths:
1. Pepsi offers over 22 different brands worldwide. (Global Brands, n.d)
2. In the past year they went above and beyond with their financial goals.
3. Pepsi is successful with advertising and marketing.
4. The company has a strong free cash flow at $8.2 billion. (Annual Report, p. 1)
5. With good cash flow Pepsi have a greater capacity to expand into other markets.
6. In the past ten years Pepsis net revenue compounded annually growth rate was 9%. (Annual Report, p. 4)
7. They support efforts to keep clean fresh water in many nations around the world.
8. They do well at adapting to the changing market.
9. They seek to create a healthier
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6. Growth rates of markets are increasing and are estimated by 2030 an extra three billion my join the middle class. (Annual Report, p. 5)
7. People are buying better health conscious foods giving Pepsi and upper hand.
8. The opportunity to develop more high-tech machines for Pepsi products.
9. Pepsi could expand in there food and beverage markets to meet more demand.
10. Pepsi could expand in providing there beverages in more vender stores or restaurant.

Ten major threats:
1. The change in the value of the dollar.
2. An economic downturn that would customers to only buy the essential items to survive.
3. The change in a desired taste.
4. Cybersecurity with intellectual property.
5. Higher competition with natural resources.
6. Changing weather patterns could change productivity.
7. 49% of Pepsis revenue is from outside the United States. (Annual Report, p. 10)
8. An unstable market in many countries.
9. Water shortage around the world.
10. If Pepsi introduces a product that turns the public against the company.

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