Pepsico : An Ethical And Socially Responsible Company

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PepsiCo is a huge, multi-billion-dollar company that invests its time and money into creating loveable and lasting products for consumers all over the world. PepsiCo has been on the rise for years and if things continue to prosper like they do know, they should be a lasting company for many more years to continue. PepsiCo relates to their customers and continues to create new and improved products that bring publicity to their company, while still producing the recognizable products that that they are known for. Based on my research, PepsiCo is an extremely ethical and socially responsible. PepsiCo bases their premise off of their values and philosophies as a reflection of the socially and environmentally responsible company they aspire to be. Every business decision that is made is based off of these philosophies and values. PepsiCo acknowledges their power and influences that they can make on different society’s and markets and use that to their advantage to make good and powerful actions to reflect on others. The company spends the extra time and steps to make sure that they fully understand what customers that they are dealing with and to be able to accomplish their needs and their desires in the products that they produce. PepsiCo’s mission is to, “be the world’s premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages. They seek to produce financial rewards to investors as they provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to
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