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PepsiCo Company-History and Mission Statement

In today’s world, nearly everybody consumes a beverage every day of which, most of what we consume, is either a soft drink or hot beverages in the form of tea or coffee. The beverage business has in the modern world emerged as the top prayer with worlds renowned companies such as Coca Cola and PepsiCo being the leaders. In our study, we will focus on the history and mission statement of the PepsiCo Company.
History and Background
PepsiCo was founded in 1890’s by Caleb Bradham who was by then running a pharmacy business in New Bern, North Carolina. Today, it has risen to become one of the most recognized and successful snack
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This advert was rated the best in the USA that year (Pennstate, 2009).
Today PepsiCo embraces itself with outstanding 300,000 employees worldwide. It is currently the world leader in convenient beverages, foods and snacks. It has four main branches widely referred to as the Pepsi family. These are: PepsiCo America’s beverages, PepsiCo Europe, PepsiCo America’s food and PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa. Its outstanding leadership in the market has led to PepsiCo introducing more than a 100 brands under its trademark in the market and making its presence in nearly every part of the world. PepsiCo Headquarters are located in Purchase, New York (PepsiCo, 2012).
Notable business partnerships have emerged over the years, as such, that between Thomas J. limp ton company and PepsiCo, to sell various ready-to-drink tea brands throughout the United States. Another partnership was that with Starbucks, a reading fast-food chain in the USA, to sell ready to drink coffee by the brand name of Frappuccino. Various Mergers and acquisitions have also been recorded with PepsiCo e.g. the acquisition of Tropicana and dole juice business in late 1998, and a merger with Quick Oats Company, in 2001.
Nevertheless, this has not been achieved without outstanding leadership, as well as deep research and development. From the times of its founder Caleb, to

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