Pepsico Organizational Behavior Project

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Motivation is defined as the process of Internal and external factors that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors like committed to a job, role, or to make an effort to attain a goal, has been considered as one of the most frequently studied topic in the organizational science and the critical area in the Organization Behavior.
Motivation consist of three major components: 1st is direction which is the road the motivator use to attain his goal, 2nd is the intensity that is noticed by the concentration and vigor that goes into pursuing his goal, 3rd last is Persistence which is the continuity of the effort toward the goal.
Early studies on motivation were written between the end of
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Employees will expected to respond to this is different ways, like de-motivation, reduced effort, becoming disgruntled, or leaving the company.

* Goal Setting Theory
The goal setting theory is the focus of this project therefore it is discussed in details through the literature review. Goal Setting Theory is stated under the contemporary theories of motivation, the theory is defined as “Specific and difficult goals, with feedback, lead to higher performance”. This means that when a worker is addressed or asked to perform a certain task which is told specifically will be more effective than asking a worker to do a general thing for the organization. Specific goals are always better material for production than the generalized goals. Commitment to do a certain task concerning your job with specific criteria will help you be directed towards your plan to work and perform the job/task. For example, in real life, if a student is told by his father, I want you to achieve good grades this year so I can buy you a new car and another student is told by his father, I expect you to get good grades not lower than Bs in all your courses with minimum GPA 3 in order to buy you the new car you want. Which student do you think will be more motivated to study in order to achieve the

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