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PepsiCo Organization 9

Donald W. Coleman, Jr.
University of Louisville
Dr. Carpenter
ELFH 490-98
May 26, 2015

PEPSICO: Organizational Profile Bolman and Deals four frames of organizations (1997) provide a foundation to determine how an organization functions and examine how operating within a certain frame may benefit or adversely affect an organization. In analyzing PepsiCo as an organization through Bolman and Deal?s (1997) frames of organizations the key elements of the structural and human resource frames as well as a review the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that may affect Pepsi Co as an organization will be addressed.
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Bolman and Deal?s (1997) frames offer a great tool to analyze an organization however, before adequately developing an understanding to effect positive change in any organization, it is vital that all members can clearly recognize the similarities and differences of those frames if they truly aspire to fashion a learning environment to spearhead change within in the organization. Each of the four frames, as with ideologies of leadership, ultimately exist simultaneously in any organization, at some level or another, however, there will always be just one that predominantly stands out above the rest; the key to successfully implementing these frames, no matter which may be more prevalent than another, is that leaders and members must develop the ability to learn about the frames and discover which would best fit the needs, and the need for change, within the organization. Then, and only then, can change occur in a manner that allows equal representation of all four frames, as outlined by Bolman and Deal (1997), to expand on the productivity of members as well as the organization?s mission, vision, and goals. Framing seems to be more of a process than a quick fix for any organization.
Structural Frame
The Performance with Purpose Campaign embodies its chief architect, Chairman, and CEO, Indra Nooyl?s vision and three-pillar design to establish and implement
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