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A. Strengths: PepsiCo still has a good market position. PepsiCo has a solid financial performance, as we can see for example on its continued growth in sales revenues. PepsiCo product portfolio, provides a diversity of beverage and snacks to their diverse customers.
• Continued growth in sales revenues.
• Emphasis on innovation, brand building and marketplace execution.
• PepsiCo is the second Food and Beverage Company in the world (Market position).
• Strong product portfolio and provides a variety of different beverages and foods.
• Stable high earning brands versus the main competitors.
• Better customer service and customer satisfaction record.
• Strong distribution channels and logistics.

B. Weaknesses: PepsiCo prices are normally lower than main competitors. The consumer interpretation is, if the price of the product is low, also the quality of the product is low.
• Globally PepsiCo is still behind of Coca-Cola 's products.
• Too confident to make changes in its core products.
• Few healthy products in PepsiCo product portfolio.
• PepsiCo low prices since generally low price is associated with low quality.

C. Opportunities (external): The consumer preference changed in the past 10 years, people want to be healthier, for that reason consumers want to eliminate all products that create obesity. PepsiCo has a great opportunity to elaborate a new line of healthy products to react proactively of the consumer demands.
• Provide a better…

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