Pepsico 's Gatorade Brand And Its Impact On The World 's Premier Consumer Products

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Introduction Gatorade is a PepsiCo owned company that manufactures many sports-themed beverages as well as food products. The Gatorade beverages are based on the oral rehydration therapy, which involves drinking sugar and salt mixed water for the purpose of rehydrating. The Gatorade brand uses carbohydrates and electrolytes to replenish athletes after rigorous physical activity (Gatorade, 2014). Gatorade sweetens their drinks using a mixture of sucrose-dextrose, which reduces the calorie count of the beverage. Gatorade is a recognized leader in the sports drink and sports recovery market. Mission The Gatorade Company, Inc is a highly recognized brand in the sports drink market with their current mission of, “to be the world leader in…show more content…
Energy drinks and sport drinks are two segments in the larger market of soft drinks. Contrary to popular belief, energy drinks and sport drinks do not compete against each other due to their targeting of different consumer needs. Sport drinks are mainly used for nutritional needs that arise before, during and after physical activity. Sport drinks are based on the oral rehydration therapy, which requires drinking a concoction of water, sugar, and salt for the purposes of rehydration (Cohen, 2013). Although a niche product, sport drinks are beginning to enter into the mass market, where consumers are now purchasing sport drinks for regular consumption unassociated with physical activity. Experts project that the sport drink industry could grow to more than 9.3 billion dollars by the end of 2017 (Cohen, 2013). However, consumers are becoming to a small degree unsatisfied with the recycling of old formulas when it comes to sports drink. Consumers now want sport drinks to have a low calorie count as well as infusion of vitamins and protein. Gatorade recently launched a product line that incorporated whey protein into their drink formula, however, the product extension launch was deemed as unsuccessful due to lack of product awareness. Market Demographics The primary purchasers of sport drinks are athletes. These are people who actively play sports as a hobby or professionally. 65 percent of buyers in this market are under the age of 35

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