Kendall Jenning Pepsi's Share A Coke With The World

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The intended purpose of the Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad is for Pepsi to increase their sales with a younger crowd. PepsiCo tried incorporating cultural and political views into their ad to influence the Millennials to buy their product because the younger generation is involved and outspoken about the current political situation. If one would watch this commercial even once they would think that PepsiCo is trying to make this advertisement the equivalent of Coca Cola’s Share a Coke with the World advertisement.
To illustrate the advertisement, it shows a group of people protesting and no one knows the purpose of this movement at all. It’s just too vague and irrelevant to the commercial. At the present time of this day and age, the news outlets and media portray the protests as negative pep rallies that are chaotic and people attack the police. For the purpose of convincing the majority of the world’s population that the protests won’t change a thing in today’s political world. But there’s a second side where people just stand, hold posters, and not attack the police. This commercial received a great deal of backlashes because people thought it was trivializing the Baton Rouge and Black Lives Matter protests to sell beverages. But nothing in the advertisement itself said, “Let’s degrade this specific movement of protest to sell carbonated
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As the commercial comes to an end, the audience watches Jenner and the protesters walking together and the subtitles at the bottom read “Live Bolder. Live Louder. Live for Now.” Let’s just focus on the “Live for Now” part, that’s a phrasing similar to the term YOLO. They both have negative connotations that represent “Let’s just live in the moment and have no responsibilities or consequences to our actions.” In the event that, people would live by that philosophy, then the next generation would have a harder time in the
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