Pequot War Causes And Consequences

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The Pequot War, its Origins, Events and its Consequences
Hallie N. Wilson
Bethel University

The Pequot Tribe and the English
The Pequots are a native tribe from South Eastern Connecticut. They traveled for hunting and gathering during spring and summer when it was warmer. During the Winter, they stayed cozied up in their villages. They first met the English in 1660 and the movement caused many problems between the two people. In fact, the first contact between the English and Pequot tribe caused an outbreak of sicknesses such as small pox unto the Pequot. The Pequot population shrunk to around 3000 from around 13,000 in size. This made many leaders grow sick and die off, allowing the English to have more dominance. The Pequot did not like the difference in power and rebelled, causing the Pequot war. The war only lasted 1 year but had many events and many consequences, mainly to the Pequot. The war ended with the 1638 Treaty of Hartford.
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The Pequot war started in 1636 and ended on September 21, 1638 by the Treaty of Hartford. The Pequot war began over a desire for power, economically and politicly. The Pequot people locally had the best economic and political power but as sickness killed them off, the power died down. The English constantly attempted to break the trade of furs and wampum, or shell beads, between the Pequot and Dutch, while the Pequot tried to keep the trade alive. The Pequot controlled the shore and so they
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