Perceived Stress Factors

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Rationale Stress is defined as a perceptual phenomenon arising from a comparison between the demand on the person and his or her ability to cope (T. Cox 1978). An imbalance in this mechanism, when coping is important, gives rise to the experience of stress, and to the stress response. In his excellent book “The Stress Myth”, Richard Ecker (1985) maintains that it is wrong to say that your job, marriage, or other parts of your life are “stress filled”. Your life, says Ecker, includes sources of tension, pressure and change that can be perceived in various ways. It is your perception of something that turns it into a stressor (threat) to your well being. As soon as a stressor exists in your…show more content…
The more time spent at work, the less time a student spends in studying. Having to hold down a job and still be in college is a constant source of stress (Calderon et. al, 2001). At some point students are involved in many organizations like dance clubs, chorale groups, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities, which in turn abate their time devoted for study. Along with this, students are into personal relationships like having a boyfriend, girlfriend or peers. These demand valuable time intended for study. These academic situational constraints are easily managed only if students have the freedom to choose their own schedule. Regarding the facilities of the school, there is an obvious predicament on its setting which is influential to student’s lower grades. The library in itself as considered the research center of the students, is not that conducive for intellectual pursuits. Its ventilation, accessibility of books, and space, discourage the students to make use of the library. In fact, the library is fully loaded during lunch time up to 1:30 PM. The library needs professional staffs and librarians but request were not approved by the CNU Department of Budget. (Ruben, 2007). In the classroom, students complain about the “oven-like” environment plus the distractions due to noise from vehicles since the campus is situated within rush
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