Perception And Perception Of A Human Mind

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This topic is specifically interesting because I want to do a research on how human mind perceives things as it happens, and the kinds of role that perceptions play in human mind. Perception of things cannot be true at all the time. It might be illusional. Perception of a certain element/event of life is a natural cause. It is an instantaneous action inside the brain’s functional parts. Consequently, it gives awareness or consciousness to the mind. The topic is specifically relevant today because perception is a natural cause, it cannot be evaluated to its full potential. There are always flaw in decoding perception of a human mind. The significance of this topic is to inform people about direct and indirect form of perception. Visual perception is a learning process which can be modified at particular instant of time.
Some of perspectives to support the essay is to inquire how does human perceive information with development of mind via multi sensory perception, self-awareness/consciousness, and indirect perception. Most of the perspective will concern about the effect of mind perception on particular age group; infant, child, adult and elder. There will be a detail research on how does the development of mind with an age can affect our reasoning and perception.
Human beings perceive/drive meaning through senses, ears, eyes and touch. There are different type of perception especially in psychology that include amodal, color, depth, form, speech, harmonic pitch and
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