Perception And Perception Of Perception Checking

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Perception Checking Perception checking is a cooperative approach to communication that provides accuracy instead of assuming our first interpretation is correct. It minimizes defensiveness through face saving and requires both nonverbal and verbal elements to match. The benefits of perception checking is to help us have a better understanding of a message, so both persons can mutually relate and to reduce conflict so we don 't jump to conclusions. In the perception process reality is constructed in two ways. The first order realities is physically observable qualities of a thing or situation. For example, if your friend calls you a “bone head”. On the other hand, second order realities cannot reside in objects or events but rather in our minds. It involves our attaching meaning to first order things or situations. For instance, your friend is being critical is an example of second order realities. Perception checking has three parts: description, interpretation, and clarification. Description is describing a behavior that was noticed. Interpretation is providing interpretations of the behavior, Lastly, ask for clarification from the person about the behavior and interpretations. These three parts are important because they help an individual how to prevent assuming something that is probably not the intention of the other person which is why clarification is needed in a situation like this. It is better to gather more information about the situation then to think the…
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