Perception And Perception Of Perception

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Everybody was born in different situations and with different personalities that makes our world colorful and complicated. However, the differences in viewing the world between people cause many problems which is relevant to a concept called perception. In this essay, the concept of perception will be described through academic definitions and knowledge also with practical examples. The main objective is to provide readers with a better on what perception is, why it is important to the study of Organization Behaviour (OB) and the effects and implications of it onto managers’ job.
Perception is defined as the process in which perceivers give meaning to the things they see after comprehend and rearrange the data in their brains (Robbins, 2014). The final information concluded by each person can be different comparing to the reality and the others’ conclusion. Briefly, perception is what our brains, instead of our eyes, see.
The main reasons for those differences are the factors that influence perception. Robbins (2014) divided these factors into three categories which are the perceiver, the target and the situation.
Firstly, factors in the perceiver consist of experiences, motives and emotions (Johns & Saks, 2010). For example, a person who is happy at the moment will think a flower really beautiful; however, that same one when he/she is in a good mood will not care or probably show hateful attitude and behaviour to the flower.
Secondly, factors in the target are as well
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