Perception And Perception Of Perception

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Perception has a few definitions; the most frequently used definition is what we become aware of through our senses. However, perception is not just what our senses tell us, it is our reaction to the feelings we sense. Perception just happens; it is something we cannot control. The mind tells us how we feel before we even realize what is happening.
When people say they are good judges of character, they base their decisions on what they initially see. Appearance plays a huge role in how we perceive someone to be. For instance, a long, shaggy haired man, who wears dirty clothes, brings our mind to think that this man is lazy, or even homeless. Maybe this man is homeless because of his laziness, the specifics do not hold much value but the point speaks volumes about how we judge, or ‘perceive’ something. The judgments are not reserved just for people; we judge objects and other people’s thoughts as well. When walking down the street, the eyes wander, and many things draw their attention, and the objects they see are immediately deemed safe, unsafe, fun, not fun, etc. Thoughts are similar, we do not believe someone’s thoughts are the same as our own, we think differently. Perception is unique to each individual.
People do not perceive things the same as their neighbors, and vice versa. The truth is, perception is something that develops over a lifespan. Perception is our reaction to instances based on our past experiences. The notion that perception is a reaction to…
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