Perception And Perception Of Perception

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Imagine you are walking down the street; it is a beautiful, breezy day. You stop for a moment, you notice a tree. For some reason you find this tree to be very alluring. You can’t help but stare as you attempt to capture this moment. You notice the way the light dances through the branches, the way the breeze catches each leaf, sending them into a blissful dance. The limbs move so freely throughout the crisp air. This expression of pure freedom and bliss etched upon the face of nature. It captivates you. Since the very moment that this tree captured your attention, perception has been at work. Perception has allowed for you to interpret this one particular occurrence and, in turn, experience life. The process of perception helps us to experience the world at large. It is our perceptions that make up our conscious experience and make it possible for us to interact with the people and objects that surround us. Perception, in psychological terms, can be defined as the process of organizing, interpreting, and selectively extracting sensory information from the world around us. It is through this process that we are able to experience all of our senses. The perceptual process refers not only to the recognition of a given stimulus but also the response we have to said stimuli. It is also through this process that we are able to further our understanding of the world around us and ultimately, survive. The perceptual process shapes our experiences and allows us to take part in the
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