Perception And Perception Of Perception

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The term friendship is defined as a mutual strand of affection between two or more people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. It is a link between people who show trust and altruism with one another without the placement of sexual or physical intimacy that commonly happens in a romantic relationship. Friends tend to share common interests, demographics, backgrounds, and traits of the self. However, before we get to know a person, we use perception to categorize them into a certain role. It often causes us to assume that the other party is superior or inferior to us. We do this more often than not without even realizing we’ve engaged in perception. Perception played a very large part in the first meeting of my best friend, Cinda, and I. In Chapter 4: Interpersonal Perception (Floyd, 2011), there are many examples of the ways in which people instantly perceive another person as being one way or another. This exact thing happened when I met Cinda. Our perceptions of one another were not complimentary or nice, in fact, we were practically enemies at the time. Negativity bias, or the tendency to weigh negative information more heavily than positive (Floyd, 2011), would describe what we felt with each other. We were unable to see anything good or complimentary about the other. What exactly brought on these feelings? One might ask. Well, embarrassingly enough, it all started with a boy; Cinda and I had never even spoke to each other. Ironically
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