Perception And Treatment Of Death

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Perception and Treatment of Death in the Play “Everyman”
1. Introduction
2. Summary o Treatment of death o God’s messenger o Binding Death o The only way of Salvation and Redemption o Results of Repentance o Faced with the End of Life o Death is a reality we all have to face
3. Conclusion
Treatment and perception of Death
We come face to face with the fact of death after reading this play. How will you respond? Some may be fearful or try to extend their lives just a few more years with things such as : exercise, eating right, avoiding the worldly functions, and even people that may draw them into a premature death. From a biblical perspective we have to face the fact that a person will spend eternity in one of two places without favoritism. The Bible is clear that it is know to man to die one time and after this we are to be judged. Scary? It does not have to be. All evangelicals agree that sin will cause an eternal separation from God while put under the attribute of His wrath for eternity. However, they also agree that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for all those who will repent and trust in Him for the forgiveness of sin. Not just good news but the best news a person could hold onto with hope to one day meet the one who paid their sin debt. Most believers would agree that spending eternity with God outweighs anything this world can offer. It is obvious that this is seen through the eyes of a born again believer of Jesus Christ who has at one time
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