Perception Drives Everything Our Life Essay

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One thing I am beginning to realise is that perception drives everything in life. I am beginning to realise that all my negative states are the results of perception, or judgement of what is taking place in my life. Essentially it is all according to story, or the ego. Most of the perceptions we make are based on ego, our stories of what has happened in the past. This realisation has come due to an effort on my part to be more aware and conscious of what is taking place in my life. It is apparent that life is just perception; it is the observer perceiving the observed. We as human beings are both the observer and the observed of what we experience. Accordingly all of life is feedback of us, allowing us to see where we are at, ultimately giving us never ending opportunities to change, grow and essentially progress. In reality the universe and life is organised to cater to our progress, it is designed to lead us upward and forward towards realising our full potential. I have had opportunities this week to descend into old, repetitive negative states but I have chosen not too. And how did I get to that point of choice? First I was aware and secondly I changed my perception. If I was not aware, fully conscious, I would not have been able to change my perception. Why? Because I would have been consumed in the perception, the perception and I would have been one, not separate. Only by being conscious can you separate yourself from the perception you are making. This is why
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