Perception, Introspection, Reason And Memory Essay

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There are four different sources of knowledge: perception, introspection, reason and memory. All our knowledge roots from our perception. Perception is the way humans sense the world outside the body. We perceive through our five senses: see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Humans gain knowledge through experiences and experience through perception. Usually we can trust our senses to perceive our surroundings effectively but there are times we misperceive. Illusions, hallucinations or impediments of the accurate flow of information to our senses are examples of misperceptions. For example if someone hits their head causing their vision to blur or impedes them from effectively processing what occurring around them, then they shouldn’t trust their senses. Another example would be an anxiety attack causing a signal of threat to the brain also preventing the person from correctly processing their surroundings. If nothing can prove we are misperceiving then we have good reason to be believe our senses.
Introspection is a source of knowledge about our mental states. Introspection is the way humans examine and observe their own mental and emotional states. Even though usually accurate, sometimes the beliefs we form through introspection can be incorrect. Being in a dispositional mental state can cause false beliefs about our mental states. For example if someone is traumatized due to experiencing a violent relationship, they begin to think that every relationship will be an abusive
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