Perception Is Not Reality Research Paper

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Perception is not Reality
In the world we live in today, it is often hard to have the “perfect” personality. Nobody is perfect, and society is always telling us who we should be and how to act. In all reality, everyone is different, and people are perceived in many different ways by different people. I was once asked if I had to limit myself to five words that summed up my personality, what would they be? I believe that I am confident, determined, stubborn, responsible and sarcastic. The first four traits I have probably developed because of my participation in martial arts over nine years. I have developed the sense of knowing right and wrong, and I was always told to believe in myself and to never give up. I know when I want to achieve something, and even if I am
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The first person I questioned was my best friend, Lizbeth. Lizbeth, who knows me the best described me as being, stubborn, determined and compassionate.Lizbeth then went on to say, that I am “hard headed”, and “ do whatever I set my mind to”. The last one kind of shocked me. Not because she called my compassionate, but because of the reasoning behind it. Lizbeth said that I was like a “coconut, hard on the outside, but soft inside”. I tend to put up a wall, and pretend that nothing fases me, but in fact, I am very sensitive, and that is a side of me that I do not show often.
My next task was to interview someone who knew me well, and I chose my friend Alani. After consulting with her, she said I was determined, funny and responsible. As of right now, both interviewees said I was determined, becuase I do what I set my mind to. The reasoning behind why she said I was “funny” was surprising. Alani said I am always “quick to make a wit”, but then she continued to say that it could be taken the wrong way as well. I knew this already, but I was not excepting for one of my freinds to state it as
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