Perception Of Fear Among Female Prisoners

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Perception of fear among female prisoners housed in a maximum-security prison
Operational definition of fear- The synonyms of fear is terror or horror. It can also classified as anticipation of some known or unknown danger. This anticipation makes us afraid. Sometimes some special feelings or unpleasant memories are also associated that results in fear. Fear can also be associated with the anticipation of physical and/or mental pain.
The female inmates in a prison are in the close confines of a specific area. They are residing with unknown people and in hostile conditions. The prison inmates may or may not be their friends. Female prisoners may face many dangers in the form of sexual assaults, indifference of inmates, psychological and mental pressure along with the pain of separation from their loved ones. Here we can apply the concept of operational fear to the minds of millions of female inmates living in prisons. Their fear from other inmates is not unfounded.

Open-ended questions are the questions that have no specific answer. Here the person answering the questions has the liberty to answer the question as he/she feels like. Open-ended questions give us insight about the mindset of the person as well as their experiences. These questions provide a wealth of information about the perceptions of the inmates. They are interactive and interpretative in nature.

1. Three open ended questions-
• In your opinion, what are the most common forms of exploitation of the female
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