Perception Of Indiscipline And The Army

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PERCEPTION OF INDISCIPLINE IN THE ARMY 1 PERCEPTION OF INDISCIPLINE IN THE ARMY TODAY USAACE NCOA SSG Khana P. Dao 15Z SLC 17-003 SFC Maradol PERCEPTION OF INDISCIPLINE IN THE ARMY 2 “The Army profession is built on a foundation of discipline and standards. Discipline and standards are intrinsic within the Army culture of trust. Discipline guide our manner of performance. We conduct ourselves according to the discipline of our military art and science. With discipline, we chose the hard right over the easy wrong in the face of temptation, obstacles, and adversity.” (ADRP 1 the Army Profession). There is very clear guidance from the Army regulations and publication about the need to…show more content…
PERCEPTION OF INDISCIPLINE IN THE ARMY 3 It’s not an exaggeration when I stated the Army have been forced to do more with less. With the current operational tempo, we have ongoing operations in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. We are also face increasing threat level from North Korea, Russia and China which required deterrence forces in allied countries. A whole generation of Soldiers grew up in the Army, that have not known anything else but the ARFORGEN cycle. We train for deployment, redeploy, retrain and deploy again, wash, rinse and repeat. This frenetic operational tempo caused the Army over time to pay less attention on discipline issues in order to accomplish the mission. I have witnessed Soldiers who failed to meet basic Army standards such as repeated discipline issues, failing APFT or ABCP, but were retained in the Army to meet number requirements for deployment. Those Soldiers were allowed to stay in the ranks which resulted in perception of double standards and indiscipline. The operation tempo isn’t slowing down in the foreseeable future with talks by the current administration to have continued military presence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan (Andrew deGrandpre, March 26, 2017). The Army will have to fine solutions to cope with the missions it is called upon to perform by our leadership. The other issue that makes inroad into the discipline of the Army is the smaller pool of

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