Perception Of Parent Involvement Within Academic Achievement

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Research Problem and Hypotheses The research study, “Perception of Parent Involvement in Academic Achievement” were to see the insight of different types of parent involvement and how parents, students and teachers affect the outcome of academic achievements at the junior high school level. The researcher examines why parents do and do not get involved in their children’s school education in and out of school. The study showed why teachers do not encourage parents to participate more. The Author states another problem was that teachers and students believed involvement with academics at home was more important than attending school functions, because the one on one involvement the students receive. The researchers of this study bring to our attention, that parents feel it is only important to be involved during the early years of education. Therefore, the results could then inform parents the importance of parental involvement on children’s academic achievement, and teacher was informed of how to improve parental involvement within the school community. The author states no specific hypothesis, rather their goal was to examine the effects of what types of parental involvement work best with junior high school students. The dependent variables students’ academic achievement, and the independent variable were parental involvement.
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