Perception Or Deception Paper

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Perception or Deception With technological advancements come the evolution of social media and the role it has in a person’s life. Since Facebook was introduced, there has been an exponential spike in users (Kanalley, 2011). The average user has let social media take a negative toll on their life by letting it changing the way they regard different situations. I studied how social media affects our self-perception. People often separate their lives in two: their real self, the one that can take action; and their ideal self, the perfect identity they create on social media. When a person is unable to attain their ideal self it cripples their self-esteem. People see other users and competition and feel the pressure to look more superior to the rest. Social media is a whole other world and has given humans the power to create a whole other person. The lives on social media diversify immensely…show more content…
5). This is when you seem delighted with life but are dejected on the inside because your life isn’t as perfect as you profess. On the California State University Northridge website, Jamie Perez, a journalism major, reports on the self-esteem aspect of social media. Ms. Perez tells us, “The more time people spend on social media, the more depressed they become when comparing their lives to others. By constantly referencing the pictorial perfection that is portrayed […] it makes people feel bad about their own lives for not seeming as exciting and perfect,” (Perez, par.3). The key word here is comparing, seeing everyone as a competition. In Mrs. Sunstrums` article she concludes by saying this, “People do not advertise their negative traits on their social profiles, nor do they post unflattering pictures […] we are often fooled into believing other people’s lives are much better than our own […] they too wear masks, the way I do, the way everyone does.” (Sunstrum,
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